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Keep Texas Wild

Dear Educators,

We are excited to present to you "Keep Texas Wild" – a magazine section for kids.

Our kid-friendly, four-page sections include fun facts presented with a lively writing style, eye-popping photos and a creative, whimsical design. The topics are Texas- specific, with special attention to conservation issues.

"Keep Texas Wild" includes hands-on activities that cross the spectrum of curriculum (including art, math, science and social studies) and a call to action that encourages students to get outdoors and get involved.

"Keep Texas Wild" is available in printable PDF format:

2008 Issues:

September 2008 – Volume 1, Issue #1 (PDF): Predator v. Prey
Teacher Lesson Plan

October 2008 – Volume 1, Issue #2 (PDF): Hanging Around With Bats
Teacher Lesson Plan

November 2008 – Volume 1, Issue #3 (PDF): Living Off the Land
Teacher Lesson Plan

December 2008 – Volume 1, Issue #4 (PDF): No Place Like Home
Teacher Lesson Plan



Also, because you are a teacher, you can reserve extra classroom copies of any issue for only $1 each.

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Keep Texas Wild

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